Superkids @ Power to Move - Sidekick Program
with Sophie Liebeknecht

November 29 (Monday)
at 4:00 pm

Class length
45 minutes

2 McInnes St Ridleyton SA 5007

Calling all Superkids: Power City needs your help! The forces of evil will stop at nothing to take over the city for their own evil intent. We need you, the next generation of Super heroes, to help protect the world. Come down to the headquarters of the Power Squad, Power Cities elite Super Hero team, and we'll see if you have what it takes to join us in our crusade against crime! We'll test your strength, your speed, your agility and your might and train you up, to prepare you for when the next vile villains attacks Power City. Are you ready to Power Up? 

This is an 8 week program
All children get
2 x weekly sessions as part of the package
Superhero Cape
Fruit after each session
Certificate and Badge once the program is finished

Each class is 45 minutes and takes children through 
Setting the Scene - what Vile Villain is attacking Power City today
The Exercises, Circuits, Cardio, Strength and Agility is all part of the game
Water Breaks
Beating the Villains - Cooling down, fruit and finishing our story for another day.....


Sorry - that class has already taken place!